Thursday, December 13, 2018

Music Modernization Act passed in October; public needs to become familiar with what it means (in terms of access to copyrighted content online)

Recently, in October, the president signed an “Orrin G. Hatch-Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act” regarding the licensing of various music recordings, which George Thurnoyi describes in a blog post on the Library of Congress site here

Of some special controversy is the matter of recordings made before 1972. But it appears that bars and other venues can play these without a license. 

What is not clear is whether this would affect the continued availability of a lot of classical music on YouTube, which could also be challenged in practice if the EU Copyright Directive starts getting implemented in 2019.  It would not appear to have much practical effect on the commissioning of new works, which is controversial in some quarters.
Note the video above by Leonard French, copyright attorney.

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