Thursday, August 30, 2018

"The Piano Forever": Teenager James Shawcross demonstrates pianos, organs, percussion

There is a YouTube series called "ThePianoforever" by James Pavel Shawcross, who is now about 18, in which the performer demonstrates various pianos, organs, and even percussion.  There are also presentations of some electric pianos disguised as true wood concert.  The series seems to be filmed around Berkeley, California.  James made one of his earliest videos at age 11 and by 14 was able to make very professional presentations.

I’ll pick a recent video, the Adam Schaff Vetircal Piano.

He often plays some of the Chopin Fantasy-Impromptu in C# Minor. 

Like many very young artists he takes command of the video and connects to the viewer and displays great charisma. 
With this video, I am reminded of the upright piano my first piano teacher (in 1952) used, and of an upright in a den in the house in Kipton, Ohio where I spent boyhood summers.  A few feet away was a black-and-white TV for Cleveland Indians’ games (which we sometimes went to, in "The Mistake by the Lake").
I guess the young people are really winning.   If only I could have my past 18-year-old body back.

Picture:  The house above in Ohio has the words "C Sharp" above the garage.  A nod to Chopin, Beethoven (Moonlight), Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, maybe even Amy Beach? 

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