Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Amy Beach: the huge Violin Sonata

Monday Night, WETA FM broadcast a March 22 concert from the National Gallery of Art, “Three By Three: The Music of Amy Beach”.   The cellist was Rachel Young, with Alexandra Osborne, violin and Lisa Emenheiser, piano (older writeup). 

The program started with the Five Pieces for Cello and Piano, which are “La Captive”. “Berceuse”, “Dreaming”, “Pastorale”, and “Mazurka”.  On YouTube, I-Hsuan-Hsieh plays them.

Then they played the massive Violin Sonata in A Minor, Op. 34, in four movements, composed in 1896. The style is Brahmsian, and wants to be a full violin concerto.  The work runs 33 minutes, with four movements.  The Largo, in the dominant E Minor, is the third movement, and is a massive post-romantic slow movement. The Finale has an intricate fugue before a triumphant conclusion on the tonic A Major.

The YouTube video above was filmed at Indiana University in Bloomington with Justin Bird, piano; the violinist is not identified.
The concert also played the Piano Trio, but that was reviewed here May 23, 2016. 

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