Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gibson's "The Four Pillars": music on a single note, for meditation?

This work is so unusual I feel I cam make a short blog post about it without playing much of it. It is Randy Gibson's “The Four Pillars Appearing From the Equal D Under Resonating Apparitions of the Eternal Process in the Midwinter Starfield.”

The New York Times story Saturday June 17 on p C2 by Seth Colter Wallas is “It’s Not One Note if There’s All That Texture”.  Well, texture can fascinate me visually, as I learned as a teenager. Online the article is “Listening to Three Hours of Music, from a Single Note”.

Don’t know where this was performed, but I can imagine the Poisson Rouge, or maybe the 9:30 Club n Washington.

Of hand, the music reminds me of hemi-sync from the Monroe Institute in Virginia, but I haven't ever had a session long enough to tell if that is really the intention, to provide connective meditation to cosmic consciousness, Rosicrucian style. (I did attend a "Rosicrucian Feast" in a New York City hotel on March 21, 1977, a chilly Sunday night as I recall, when living there.)

Arthur Honneger has a very French symphony “The 3 D’s” and I’ll have to go back and listen to it soon.

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