Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Pianos for People" non-profit provides music making for lower income people in St. Louis area

NBC Today this morning featured a story about a non-profit in St. Louis, “Pianos for People”, which “connects people who need pianos with pianos who need people.”  People donate pianos, and apparently piano tuners donate labor. The Today show report mentioned recipients in Ferguson.

There has also been an interest in public pianos for anyone to play.  For a while there was a public piano near the True Food Restaurant and Angelika Mosaic movie theater in Merrified VA.  Composer-Pianist Timo Andres wrote about such a project in LA and NYC back in 2012, here.
I gave away my old Kimball spinet piano in Minneapolis (in the family since 1952) in 2003 before moving back to Virginia (as Mother’s last days would approach).  Now I use the much less bulky Casio (for composing). It sounds just about as sharp as a “real” Yamaha.

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