Sunday, December 04, 2016

Another anthem by Jane Marshall for Advent

Today, the Second Sunday of the Advent season, the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC performed another Jane Marshall (Dallas composer) anthem, "He Comes to Us".

Some versions online seem longer and end loudly, but as performed today the anthem ended quietly.

I found another version of  "Our Eternal King" performed in 2009 by Schuler's Hour or Power in the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim, CA, link here.  The Cathedral was sold to the Roman Catholic diocese in 2013.  I had visited it in person in May 1986, and in a communion personal prayer, I offered that i was (at the time) an assistant buddy for some persons with AIDS (when living in Dallas), and the celebrant responded that he thought I was taking a real risk! Medically, the answer was no, I wasn't.

Also performed at FBC this morning was a gentle hymn "Still" by Jac and Kathy Whatley  (I knew someone by that female name in Dallas). The organ prelude was "O Come Emmanuel" by Leo Sowerby and the offertory was the "Song of Peace" by Jean Langlais.

The pot-luck brunch was followed by a children's Christmas story based on Matthew and Luke, in the Fellowship Hall,

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