Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stravinsky's "Rimsky" period

Here’s a piano transcription of the ending of Igor Stravinsky’s "The Firebird" played by Francesco Piermontesi, transcribed by Anosti.

The closing pages, in the orchestral setting, are sometimes played in discos.  Note the harmonies at the end, the triton relationship between the tonic B Major, and mathematical octave mean at F Major.

I do have a CD on London of Stravinsky’s Symphony #1 in E-flat, Op. 1, composed around 1907.  There’s a lot of Rimsky Korsakov in the score.  The music is rather jocose, but there are some exotic harmonies in the slow movement.

The other symphonies are the “Symphony in C”, the “Symphony in Three Movements” and “Symphony of Psalmes”, all neoclassical.  I think I had two of these on Everest records with Goosens, and CD on Sony.    The ascending scale at the beginning of “Three Movements” comes to mind, as does the rocking rhythm of the slow movement.  I remember a trivia quiz game on “movements” of classical works on a church retreat once back in the early 1960s (maybe at Shrinemont).

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