Sunday, May 15, 2016

Music for Pentecost

Today, at Trinity Presbyterian Church, in Arlington there was a special 15 minute “Guided Meditation for Pentecost”. Called the “Jazz Gloria”, by Robert Landes.  The piece had three stanzas, and did not sound particularly improvised like true jazz.  Carol Feather Martin conducted the Chancel Choir, with Matthew Stensrud at piano, and with bass and percussion.

There was also a Prelude based on Psalm 136, by Landes, and a Postlude “God Be in My Head”, based on a Sarum Liturgy. And there was an offertory “Rspiritu de Dios” by Brian Tate, based on a traditional Cuban liturgy.

I’ve discussed on Wordpress (previous posting) the Kennedy Center performance of James MacMillan’s “Miserere”, a setting of most of Psalm 51 in the Douay-Rheims translation.
Imagine what Pentecost would have been like for those witnessing the ascension, almost 2000 years before we had the full science to contemplate the reach of life in the Galaxy and Universe.

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