Monday, April 25, 2016

Violinist Tim Fain gives concert for affordable housing in DC-Baltimore areas

Violinist Tim Fain (Nov. 9, 2015) performs the theme from Schindler’s List (the famous 1993 film by Steven Spielberg, in black and white, which I remember seeing at the Avalon in Washington DC), music by John Williams, well-known British film composer.

Williams does have a violin concerto, which is on a Varese Sarabande CD somewhere – I bought it while living in Dallas(late 1980s)  at the popular Crossroads Market on Cedar Springs.  The music is dissonant, sparing and often atonal, not lush and postromantic like his movie scores.  If you want a real head trip, try Arnold Schoenberg’s Violin Concerto, on Erato, while meditating.

Fain was in the DC-Annapolis-Baltimore area in February, and I regret that I didn’t know about his concert in time. His own website gives three more clips of a private home concert he did for Make Room USA  which addresses the affordable rental housing crisis.

I could not identify all the solo violin music (was it Paganini?  Was some of it Bach?) The concert was in a private home of Tom Wall, who describes his own story with affordable housing, which I’ll let speak for itself. (Yes, things happen beyond our control -- and the last video shows that a cat can be as attentive to watching out for its owner as a dog.) It takes about fifteen minutes to listen to the story, which is quite compelling.
In the Washington DC area, the height restriction (especially within the District itself) tends to increase housing prices by restricting supply.  (The “Libertarian Party” has sometimes made this point.) The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC, which I have often written about here, benefits from the very high rent it can get from a new apartment building constructed on its old parking lot – the Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom areas of Washington essentially can command  “Donald Trump” Manhattan-level rents.   The biggest problem for affordable housing in the whole country seems to be in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley area to the south.

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