Saturday, February 20, 2016

Snuhgie presents another Belize scholarship "soul rock" benefit, and the need is surprising

Tonight, Robert Stocks and his group Snuhgie presented a rock gospel concert at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA to support the Belize Rural School District.  There was a similar concert reported here Nov. 4, 2012 (and March 17, 2012 for Haiti).

This time there was more information about a scholarship fund.  In Belize, secondary school education is not free, so the Church is trying to fund scholarships that cost $195 a year for public high school, with a $145 graduation fee.

Belize (like Panama) is probably better known for marketing of retirement properties (for low cost of living) and vacations, and a few celebrities have had coastal properties there (like software maverick John McAfee ).  So it is shocking that the country (independent only since 1980 and having to “defend” itself from Guatemala) doesn’t offer free high school education, necessary for most jobs.  But that is true of some other third world countries. In the Philippines (where some American self-publishers have plants), it’s common for people to send education money to relatives.

So it seems to be up to American and developed world churches to pitch in for this problem, which is obviously political.  Belize, where English is spoken, is more stable than some other Central American countries, but the failure of US foreign policy in Central America – right in the middle of an election year – seems galling, or (to quote a workplace memo) “glaring”.  During the refreshments, people where seeing on their cell phones that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had prevailed today.

This time the music was more familiar as gospel music.  In past concerts, I seem to recall the group being more adventurous with the percussion and playing some dissonant, “modern” soul music.  This time, there was less interest in musical abstraction and more in worship, it seemed.

Update: February 21

The DC Travel and Adventure Expo today had a large exhibit for vacation and resort travel to Belize.

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