Saturday, January 02, 2016

Solo violin concerts for tips in northern Virginia have some class now

Today, I encountered an unannounced so violin concert (with synthesizer) outside the Angelika Mosaic theater in Merrifield, VA (Fairfax County, 18 miles to DC).  This was a bit more professional than what I see around NYC subways or, less frequently, the DC Metro.

The young violinist performed what an audience member told me is a song by Taylor Swift, and then some music from the movie “Titanic” by James Horner.  To my music memory, the supposed Swift excerpt reminds me of “Blank Space”. On a solo violin, the effect is more noble, something that sounds like it belongs in another “Titanic”, with the “real people” dancing to it on the lower deck.
The weather was sunny with a temperature in the mid 40s and no wind, mild but not nearly as unseasonably warm as recently.

I could not identify the violinist, but he reminded me of Tim Fain (Nov. 9 in New York City at Le Poisson Rouge).

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