Sunday, December 27, 2015

Unusual family rock concert at Arlington service post-Christmas

Today, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington had a Christmas “rock” so-to-speak (call it “contemporary”) concert by “The Scholl Family”.

Unusual carols included “Mary, Did You Know?” and “That’s Christmas to Me”.

Instead of a sermon, there were four testimonials.  There were some poems by Anna George Meek, and a statement about reconciling the specificity of the Gospel at Advent with the vast vision of cosmology and quantum physics (of greatest interest to me), and a narrative about a man who opened his home and expanded it for the intellectually disabled, which is off the chart for me personally.

I remember from my years in Texas, that contemporary was common with many evangelical churches.  There was one ("Bible Church") I visited in a trailer in Rowlett, which is probably near the area affected by the tornadoes Dec. 26.

Christmas Eve, Trinity held three services, with the main event the 11:00 PM carols and lessons service. The anthems included a Cradle Hymn by Isaac Watts and “Rise Up Shepherd and Follow” by Fred Gramann, as well as “Night of Silence” by Daniel Cantor.

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