Monday, December 14, 2015

58th Annual Christmas Candelight Carols service at First Baptist Church Washington DC

The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC held its 58th Annual Christmas Candlelight Carols at 4 PM Sunday December 13.

I misplaced the program (going to Trio and JR's afterward) so I don’t have the names of all the hymn composers.  Some church composers are not as well known in the general classical audience.

I do recall an anthem “The Work of Christmas” by Dan Forrest based on a poem by Howard Thurman, link.

The Runnymede Singers, directed by Erica Haman with Caroline Heaney, performed several hymns including a spiritual.  It also performed the “Angels’ Carol” by John Rutter (well known for his “Requiem”).

Organist Lawrence Schreiber and a brass and timpani group performed several hymn settings by Robert J. Powell.

It’s important to note that several Christmas carols come from major composers.  “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” is #2 of “Festgesang”, which also has the text “Vaterland in deinen Gauen”.

And “Joy to the World” has a theme pieced together from two different melodies in George Frederick Handel’s Messiah.

There was also a Holy Family Tableau.

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