Monday, November 16, 2015

Millennium Stage at Kennedy Center presents hip-hop show about the game of chess as a metaphor for political exploitation in real life

Tonight, the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington DC (free shows at 6 PM) put on a bizarre hip-hop concert, hosted by Haysoos, presented by Words, Beans and Life, Inc., called “Crowns: A Chess Inspired Album”, curated by Zoma Wallace.

The Kennedy Center’s own link is here.

The presentation was a bit like a metaphor based on the game of chess, where people’s actions and behaviors can be mapped to the moves of various chess pieces.  The stage had large models of all the pieces.  The lyrics sometimes said that people felt like pawns in other people's games.
The words kept reciting “I want to do hip-hop” and the music, for all its spoken noise, had a true passacaglia-like ground bass, it seemed on the notes C, B. and then G.  (See Timo Andres’s remarks from yesterday’s post.)

There is a Hip-Hop chess federation, as shown in this supplementary video.

The performance was rather lightly attended, as an Anti-Defamation League dinner was taking place on the Terrace Level.

(I will review the opera “Appomattox” very soon in a successive post.)

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