Sunday, May 31, 2015

CNN: Chinese pianist Lang-Lang introduces South African teen group Buskaid, and prodigy pianst Alasdair Howell, on "Ones to Watch"

CNN has a series called “Ones to Watch” (link) in which Chinese pianist Lang Lang introduces new artists in classical music.  There are three videos, and the longest one discusses the issues of maintaining an audience in classical music among younger listeners, especially overseas.  It seems that in some places lower income kids can be inspired.
The string ensemble Buskaid (link) from Soweto, the black township of Johnnesburg, composed of teenage musicians in South Africa plays, besides a chamber orchestra from France, a traditional dance.  
In Britain,  Lang presents  Alasdair Howell, prodigy ten-year old pianist who has to protect his hands when also playing cricket.
Wikipedia attribution link, "Soweto Housing, Johannesburg" by Kevin Gabbert - (WT-shared) Kevin James at wts wikivoyage - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - 


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