Sunday, March 01, 2015

Impromptu play at a church based on to the Baptism of Jesus, and some Whiplash-style music

March came in like a Lion (and that doesn’t mean Mac OS Lion), but there was a robust attendance of a special contemporary service and play at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA today, celebrating meteorological Spring.  No, we didn’t hear any Stravinsky (“Rite of Spring’).

The program notes didn't give a name.  But it could be titled "Lotsa Helping Hands" based on a volunteer program announced in the bulletin, that would tend to apply specifically to families with children. 
The highlight of the play seemed to be  the performing of “Demon” by “Imagine Dragon”.  All the words sounds like computer gamesmanship!  But the music has a lilt that uplifts about the double meaning of the lyrics.  
But it started with an enactment of the immersion of Jesus by John the Baptist (no actual water, and fake beards for the men).  It followed with a rock band (with some percussion, “Whiplash” style) rendition of the song named above, and two other rock hymns.  This was all brief (30 minutes), to be followed by communion, a mini-meeting, and potluck dinner.  Everyone say the dire “winter storm warnings” on the cell phones, but the ice seemed to be softening into slush outside.   
I still think that classical musicians and “traditional pop” artists – the kind that gets used in sitcoms and musicals – should communicate more.  And musicians should talk to filmmakers more, too. I’ve said that on Twitter and Facebook. 
Don't forge that CNN starts a Lenten special tonight on the archelogical record of Jesus.  

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