Sunday, February 08, 2015

Small Greenberg train show in Fredericksburg VA shows well-landscaped layouts

Today, I visited a Greenberg Train Show in Fredericksburg, VA.  This year, the layouts were more interesting than in a similar show there two years ago.

The most interesting was from “N-Trackers”.  The smaller trains allow for more scenery to be added, and this layout had a great variety.  The highlight might have been two Japanese villages, separated by a mountain range with a road over it, and an elevated monorail with a derailment shown.  Nearby there was an Army transportation base, and a “western” village “in the moonlight”.  There was also a replica of a street in Wabash, ILL,  of Blackwater Falls, W Va, and another area of quarries and coal mines, as well as a natural area with ponds and animal habitat.  There was plenty of scenery that would make “realistic” pictures even without the tracks.

There was a small Lego layout, not as big as one in Ellicott City (Jan. 2014).

A larger layout had a very elaborate carnival.
Most of the layouts also showed a lot of culture from the 1950s, like drive-ins and soda fountain restaurants. 

Most of the vendors here took credit cards. 

Below (or, rather, above) a drone flies, as if to spy on the visitors.

The admission was $9 and the hours were smaller than many others, just 10-4 Sat and Sunday.

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