Saturday, January 31, 2015

Timonium train show near Baltimore, some of the largest commercial show layouts ever

Today, I drove up past Baltimore to the train show on the Maryland State Fairgrounds at Timonium, off I-83.  Parking was very full (except in another lot behind the Exhibition Hall, which wasn’t used, as the exhibit was in an agricultural hall on the north side of the grounds).
This was perhaps the largest train show in floor space I’ve ever seen, and most of the exhibits were larger than usual.
The most complicated exhibit belonged to club in Hartford County, but some yellow “rope” made it difficult to get “realistic” shots with the camera held close to the exhibit.
MARRS (The Meade Area Railroad Society) had a large exhibit, with one very long straight stretch with little scenery, but in one area there was a castle right out of “The Lord of the Rings”, which I don’t think has trains (whereas Harry Potter’s world does). 
There was a smaller area exhibit of European trains. 

There was also an exhibit from a Baltimore club with a curious combination: a replica of the monorail at Disney World in Orlando, but in the same layout there was a model of Fort Holabird, MD, the Quartermaster Corps, with eyebrow barracks resembling those I lived in during Basic Training in 1968! 
A note: vendors, at least some, didn't take credit cards.  You needed to bring cast (there was an ATM).

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