Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Museum in Baltimore has outstanding exhibit, shows on other planets with life possibilities

The Maryland Science Museum in Baltimore offers an exhibit “Life Beyond Earth” with some features that are well worth noting. 
There is a sphere in the main hall, upon which the museum can project the surfaces of Earth, Mars, Titan, Europa, Io, Triton, and a few sample extrasolar planets.  There is a mural showing possible underwater life on Europa.  The museum has the best collection of planetary maps and photography of any museum I have visited (much better than the Smithsonian in Washington, although the Virginia Air and Space Center in Newport News comes closer.  There is also a rich sample of artists’ drawings of surfaces of extrasolar planets (the earth-like ones) though to have been identified, mostly within 25 light years of Earth in the Gliese systems. 
I saw “The Universe Live!” planetarium show, which is narrated by a live person.  You journey from Earth to the edge of the known universe (which may not be reachable because space itself expanded during the Big Bang), and then back home to a rather ordinary star and small planet with a mild climate, in the “Goldilocks Zone” near the Sun. 
The planetarium movie “We Are Aliens” is reviewed on the Movies Blog today.

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