Saturday, September 27, 2014

An accidental Virginia state fair visit

I don’t know that a state fair is a moral equivalent of symphony concert, opera, or stage play, but for me today it at least earned some notability.  On the way back from Virginia gay pride in Richmond, near Kings Dominion, 20 miles north of Richmond, I came upon the Virginia State Fair, at the Doswell exit..  The official name is State Fair of Virginia at the Meadow, link

I was steered in a tremendous acreage for parking on a green meadow.  A shuttle tram took people to   the entrance, where seniors paid $10 and entered the fair grounds after pass through a tunnel.
This event did not look as large as the Texas State fairs at Fair Park when I lived in Dallas in the 80s, or the “great Minnesota get-together” from late August to Labor Day, across a railroad bridge from Hamline University in St. Paul. 

There was a large indoor vendor’s exhibit area, where I encountered the Libertarian Party of Virginia.  

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