Friday, August 15, 2014

The music of Christopher Cerrone

I Will Learn to Love a Person”, by Christopher Cerrone, performed in a studio in Brooklyn, NY on March 6, 2014, for voice, clarinet, percussion, and piano, is an 18-minute song cycle (four sections) with words by Tao Lin, text in English. 

Timo Andres is at the piano. Mellissa Hughes, Christa Van Alstine and Ian Rosenbaum also perform.

I guess the libretto challenges us to what we can live up to.  Sometimes, it necessarily gets personal (this blog, Feb. 26, 2012). Notice the text particularly toward the end, with a reference to smartphone texting.  I guess the text is contemporary. The title, of course, has existential importance.  What do I expect of someone before I continue to love him?  That doesn't sound spontaneous.  

How could one characterize the style – a little bit of Britten, maybe? There are many simple repetitive figures in the piano part.
The Living Earth Show at Cell 21 performs “Double Happiness” (14 minutes) by Chris Cerrone, with Travis Andrews and Andrew Meyerson, as part of the Tribeca New Music Festival in 2013.  The eclectic music is for guitar, harmonica and percussion.  The YouTube link is here.
The String Orchestra of Brooklyn plays Cerrone’s “High Windows” (14 min, one of his best known works), 14 minutes, here. It is performed at the St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn   conducted by Eli Spindel. This music, especially the opening sliding passages, sounded familiar at once.  Have I heard it used in a movie?
Then there is “Recovering”, performed by the Deviant Septet, which surrounds the audience (8 Min), performed at the Project Room in Brooklyn, link 
There is a one act opera, “Invisible Cities”, based on the life of explorer Marco Polo, of which only excerpts seem to be available.  I don’t see it on Amazon.   I recall that it was performed in NYC in 2011.

The "podcaster" Chris Cerrone seems to be a different person.   

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