Saturday, July 05, 2014

For a Capitol Fourth, I do a "long march"

I had intended to attend the entire Capitol Fourth (performers) but I took longer than I expected at Quigley’s near the GWU campus, and walked down 17th Street to the Mall, finding the road ahead anything but straightforward.  I went through security once to get onto the Monument grounds, and then left the secure area to get on the Mall (since Constitution Ave. seemed blocked) and started hearing music. 
But it wasn’t from the bandstage;  it was from offshoots of the Smithsonian folklife.  I encountered a rock band called Vankib. 

Later, I encountered something like a Raja from India.  But none of these seemed to come from the China and Kenya exhibits for Smithsonian Folk Life.

Finally, I got to a second checkpoint (near the Botanical garden) and got to the concert around 8:50 PM.  Frankie Valli was singing and there were several numbers from “Jersey Boys” (Jan. 5, 2012 here).

It’s hard to add much to the Tchaikovsky Overture Solenelle, the 1812, except that it is fairer to play the entire piece, not just the bombastic closing section. 

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