Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Bach Patita for solo violin on the Charlotte airport tarmac, after USAirways wouldn't allow the instruments as carryons

Zach Du Pue and Nicholas Kendall played their violins on the tarmac at Douglas Airport in Charlotte, NC Tuesday after US Airways would not let them bring their violins onto a commuter flight (to Arkansas) as carry-ons.
Listen to one of these violinists play movement from a solo Partita for violin by J.S. Bach.  His technique is really great.
The New York Daily News story is here.   They eventually got a later flight to Fayetteville, AR. 
A blog called “simple justice” weighs in on the incident here.

Independent musicians, especially those who work largely solo, have to be skilled at travel, keeping all their gear from breaking.  Now iPads are used to store sheet music and have page-turning apps (as explained here ).  My own situation is complicated by my use of different platforms:  The MacBook for music, and Windows machines for everything else.  

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