Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Professional musicians often face hearing loss

NBC News has an important story about musician hearing loss, this time about rock musicians.  The story today by Joel Aleccia (here) mentions particularly the danger of a particular instrumentalist playing next to another set of instruments, particularly percussion, often very loud.  Saxophonist Trevor Specht, of Lutherville, MD, mentions the problem of playing next to drums and cymbals.

Many rock musicians do use ear plugs.

Some instruments, especially percussion, require being able to play a particular combination of instruments, as in common in various groups, including classical orchestras (like in Mahler's Sixth with the hammer blows).  The range of instrumentation has certainly increased with modern music and the use of computers and very novel sounds and tones.

For that matter, DJ's, in smaller clubs, often turn the volume up way too loud, making the music screech.

Picture: "Pacific 231" (Arthur Honneger), maybe? (performance).  Also, try Alexander Mosolov's "Iron Foundry", which would certainly deafen workers so that consumers could enjoy music. 

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