Sunday, January 12, 2014

Greenberg train show in York PA shows coal mine, Noah's Ark, and a subway from The Matrix

I did travel to the Greenberg Train show in York, PA, picking up some more interesting images.

The most interesting sight of all might have been a model of a coal mine by “Capital Pen NScalers”, giving an idea of how the real world makes a living for the rest of us.  I’ve never seen mountaintop removal demonstrated on such a model yet. I don’t know if this simulates typical practice in West Virginia, or focuses on the anthracite mines 100 miles to the NE of the show.

That same layout had a separate enclosure with a small train making a hidden elevated loop with two tunnels, and some cars on the “Road to Nowhere”, which go into a dead-ended tunnel (which actually exists in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, movies blog, July 14, 2012).

But the most interesting exhibit was probably the large Lego set by PennLUG.  One corner of it had a small city with what looked like the LA Courthouse, and a larger office building.  There was an “underground” concept which resembled a bit the “parallel words” on the Antietam display (Feb. 4, 2013). This time, the underground subway was a streetcar that ran back and forth like the Toronto subway seen in the last “Matrix” movie.  The lego exhibit also sported several little offshoots on the corners into separate worlds.
It was hard to get the shot when the subway car was actually in transit.
Another exhibit had a “Noah’s Boat Yard” and paint shop, and demonstration of men making an ark.

I was surprised to find out how big greater York is, driving through it.  The show was held in a relative obscure building on the huge fair grounds.   

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