Monday, January 20, 2014

Grand Central Station has a permanent train show of NYC undergounrd

The Holiday or Christmas Train exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens may be over until next Thanksgiving, but there is an impressive permanent Lionel exhibit in the Grand Central Station toy store that is open most of the time.

The exhibit comprises a model of some of Manhattan and the nearby Westchester suburbs.  There is a lower outer loop that circumscribes the entire exhibit.  There are inner loops upstairs that go among skyscrapers than then suburban malls and houses, and water inlets.  Some of the exhibit shows the underground NY train world (the commuter and Amtrak worlds, not just the subway), which may highlight its vulnerability (as in the recent Jack Ryan movie, on the movies blog Jan. 19.

With the outer loop, I wondered about a sci-fi idea:  what if, on a space station, a rail track ran on a Mobius strip.  Think about the kind of world you would get.  Actually, each rail (and power rail, if there is one) woud be a separate strip, so the rails would overlap.  This is a good algebraic topology problem.  What would a space station landscape around it look like?  Regal Cinemas could experiment with its corporate trademark video this way; it already shows a railroad on a space station.

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