Friday, November 29, 2013

Country singer from Maryland and then Tennessee organizes non-profit to engage foster children in music

While on a day trip Black Friday, I picked up a Frederick MD newspaper and found this story by Susan Guynn of the News-Post about local native Jaime Fox, who moved to Nashville and became a country singer, but also founded a non-profit called “We Will Rise Nashville” (link ) , to provide opportunities in the arts and athletics for foster children. 
The story (link) rather speaks for itself.  She also wrote a song for the National Foster Parent Association (link).
By the way, it isn’t necessary for YouTube to “correct” her spelling to “Jamie Foxx”.  On entering a second time, you can find her there. 

The main song there (“The Heart of Me”) disables embedding, but it is allowed for “Love Me Wrong”. 

As for the day trip, I had been in Harpers Ferry, WV earlier today (have written about it before back in July), and stopped at a luncheonette down the steps from Washington St called “Coffee Stop”.  It seems not to be on the Web, but is very popular with the locals and always packed.  So the day had a taste of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Nashville picture (my own visit, 1988).

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