Thursday, July 25, 2013

When a (Washington Redskins) opening practice become legitimate theater (hint: do it in Richmond)

I don’t know if a professional football practice is a “stage” event in the sense of this blog, but it is certainly a form of “legitimate” theater.
Today, July 25, 2013, the Washington Redskins opened their formal practice season, with the public allowed to see sessions for “free” at 10 AM and 3:30 PM, at Bon Secours park in Richmond VA.  (You follow the signs on Boulevard from Exit 78 o I-95.)    I got there about 2:50 PM, parked in a local landlord’s lot for $5 (cheap given the demand, but this is Richmond, after all).  I had to walk about a quarter mile, past the CSX railroad tracks (which can have long, slow freight trains).  
The practice seemed to be mostly like military drill and ceremonies, and then a few play from scrimmage, which evoked cheers from the 10,000 or so people around.   No wonder I-95 was packed.
RG-III was present but I don’t think he “played”.  Is RG-III really Clark Kent?  Or is Bryce Harper (who won the Nats game today with a ninth inning home about the time I was watching the practice) the real “S”.  
Oh, I know of a teen who can move from one place to another instantly, just like Clark.  I think there really are benevolent aliens among us.  I will accept nothing less.)   I also think Hollywood should stage a charity home-run hitting contest (maybe a Dodger stadium) for Tinseltown’s fittest actors.  They probably would do pretty well. 

I do have to throw a little cold water on the festivities, and remind us that Malcolm Gladwell wants to ed college football, and therefore the pros (Issue blog, July 21). 

Update:  Media has reported that RG-III has indeed played in scrimmage and completed some passes.

The media also reported on a viral video of a girl sobbing because she was refused an autograph. It's not mine!

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