Thursday, July 18, 2013

Josh Groban's "I Believe" is the most lush, post-romantic triumph ever

Okay, Josh Groban’s passionate post-romantic song “I Believe, When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever” is on YouTube, and embeddable.  It’s from Groban’s own channel.

In fairness to the idea of paying for content, I’ll give a Target purchase link, too.
The song reaches toward Mahlerian dimensions in its passionate close, with Wagnerian chromatic excursions at the very end.  The key (on my Casio) is E-flat, unusual for vocal songs.  The mood reminds me of some of Arnold Schoenberg’s Gurre-Lieder (Feb. 22, 2012), which I still think could find its way into the score of a Star Trek movie.   

The melodic line also reminds me of "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "Carousel", a favorite movie musical from Fox during my childhood.  
The video appears to be filmed in a large hall with many background player.  I think the hall is in London, but it also resembles the inside of the National Building Museum in Washington DC (where SLDN always holds its annual dinners). 
Groban’s Fathom Events calendar is here
This song by Groban tops them all for romantic passion, following on to “You Raise Me Up”, “The War at Home”, and “Brave”.  Curiously, his music doesn't lend itself to "art song" treatment with piano.  Groban's music often plays in Sirius-XM's "The Blend".  

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