Saturday, July 20, 2013

CNN interviews Steve Grand, "All American Boy"

Saturday morning, CNN interviewed gay songwriter Steve Grand, 23, who has developed suddenly popularity with his socially explicit “All American Boy” music video. (He is also know as Steve Chatham and Finn Diesel, and was born in Chicago and would now be 23.)

He first performs with his partner, and then there are a lot of background players.
Huffington has a recent story July 15 here

I tried to match it on my Casio, and it seemed to be in the odd key of F# Major (the same key as Mahler’s Tenth).

The style is more like “current pop” than “country” as we usually experience it.   I may have heard it on Sirius XM, The Blend.   I’d certainly like to, on the next trip. 

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