Monday, April 01, 2013

Introductory Toccata to Finale of my Sonata 3, now an MP3 file online

Today I created a 2-minute mp3 file of the opening “toccata” theme from the Finale of my Third Sonata.  Most of it was composed in the early part of 1962, after my WM explsion (while I attended GWU from home), but I think this original theme was composed in 1974, shortly after I had “come out” a second time and was working for Univac while living in Pisacatawy, NJ. 

I composed it in Sibelius, and converted it to aiff and then to mp3 format, in iTunes. 

This music is played in exact metronome tempo by Sibelius, but has varyng meters, going from 2/4 to 6/8 even to 7/8 at one spot. 

There are various websites that purport to load mp3 files to YouTube (check Apple Knowledge Base here), but I’m not sure how accepted there are (although I do find such files on YouTiub.e Wordpress, and Blogger).  I instead fpt-ed it to my own site, and you can play it from this link

I expect to produce mp3 files for some other “miniatures”, including (1) The “Applause Theme” that ends the Sonata and demonstrates progressive “tritone” modulations (2) The introduction and fanfare theme from a choral “symphony” (3) The dances from that work and (4) The “communion” from that work. There is also a three-page “polytonal” prelude for piano in reasonable shape.
I find that composing in miniatures (as opposed to huge forms) makes producing effective music manageable.

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