Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bull Run Festival of Lights (and simulated sense of snow)

On this blog I count “artistic displays” – even with Christmas lights – as “shows”.  Earlier this evening, I drove through the Bull Run Festival of Lights, at Bull Run Regional Park, in Centreville, VA, which was said to include “Santa’s Enchanted Lights” at the Holiday Village.

You have to drive a dark, winding two-lane road for about three miles to get to it, and it’s $15 per car on a weeknight. It pays to have passengers.  You drive at about 10 mph through the exhibit.  There was a music section with “The Twelve Days of Christmas” with some notes right off Sibelius. There was a simulated snow storm with lights. Or perhaps the descending lights could be interpreted as the alien probes at the beginning of “Skyline”. 

Near the end, there is a small carnival, for foot exploration, on a  cold, windy night. The Christmas trees here change colors constantly. 
The website is here

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