Friday, December 07, 2012

Artisphere hosts "W3FI" digital experiment (in Arlington VA)

Here’s a real-time experience where an audience’s tweets are part of the show. It’s “W3FI: A Digital Experience Revealing the Connections Between our Online and Offline Worlds”, best explained at this link. The experience was developed by Chris Coleman and Laleh Mehran.  The artists have a separate Wordpress blog here

I visited this exhibit last night at the Artisphere in the Rosslyn business district of Arlington VA.  I don’t have Twitter or my Google account set up on my Mobile smartphone, because I travel with a netbook laptop and iPad and don’t really need to.  (And, really, who wants to get texts and tweets when on a disco dance floor anyway?  They’re disruptive.)

You can see your face in the exhibit by tweeting “I” or “we” with your location turned on. Don’t do this if you’re hyper about privacy.

This exhibit is focused on the DC area.  It’s easy to imagine this in NYC or LA. 

The event runs from Dec. 6, 2012 to Jan. 20, 2013.  Refreshments were served last night with the event. 

There is also an exhibit by Jonathan Monaghan, "Rainbow Narcosis", on the video wall above the staircase.  Jonathan's link is here.  

If you go to the Artisphere, pay close attention to the parking directions at night in the garage.  You must get the ticket validated after all.  

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