Sunday, November 04, 2012

Soulfire: "The Mission in Belize at Double Head Cabbage"

On Saturday, November 3, 2012, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA held an 80-minute “Soulfire” rock concert.  The music varied from Elton John to “New York Blues”.  No Lady Gaga this time.

But the main event was a short film and slide show of the Youth trip to a mission (specific location named below) in Belize (Central America) in early July of this year.  There was about 12 minutes of vivid video footage, some of the surrounding countryside and even wild monkeys.  The interaction, as shown in the film, between the volunteers and the kids was more personal than some people would probably be comfortable with experiencing (at least me). There were a few interviews.  There was even a trace of very light drag.  The food – Mexican rice and black beans, no recipes offered.  The film did not have a formal title, so I’ll give it one “The Mission in Belize at Double Head Cabbage”. (There are still photos from the film in a photo gallery on Facebook, here; log on is not necessary.)   High school students are likely to have watched the 1986 film by Roland Joffe, “The Mission”  (Warner Bros.), about a Jesuit mission in 18th Century South America (at least I saw it in 2004 when working as a sub, in a history class.)

This concert was intended to raise money for the 2013 Belize mission, in late June.  An earlier similar concert in March had raised money for relief in Haiti.  

(See also "Nacascolo" in Nicaragua, May 22, 2008, here.) 

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