Monday, November 26, 2012

Some Telemann, Thompson in church; my own progress with Sibelius on my 1962 Sonata

Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA continues to offer interesting classical music at all traditional services.  On Sunday, November 25, 2012 the musicians presented Sonata II by Georg Phillipp Telemann for oboe and recorder (as Prelude, Offertory and Postlude).  I recall an oboe concerto in E Minor on an inexpensive record back in my college days of record collecting.

There was also an anthem “The Last Words of David” (2 Samuel 23:3-4) by Randall Thompson.  The piano part has lots of ascending scales.  The peace is rowdy, but subsides to a quiet ending.  I wonder how a  fugal chorus from Carl Nielsen's heaven-storming "Saul and David" would come across in church. 

Thompson’s best known work is probably the libertarian “The Testament to Freedom” (1943) with texts from Thomas Jefferson. That was played on Washington radio station WGMS a lot in the late 1950s when I was growing up.

I’m starting to make significant progress entering the “completed” Finale of my 1962 piano sonata into Sibelius on the Mac Book.  It’s tedious.  The Note Input process can be tricky when you have to change meters or key signatures frequently (as happens with my “Applause” theme, which migrates among key signatures like F#, E-flat, D, and C;  D# minor is a actually an enharmonic pivot between F# Major and C Minor-Major).
The basic plan is to enter it, print it (or copy it to PDF’s and load it to the iPad which can “turn pages” like a Kindle), practice it, and then perform it on the 88-key Casio while recording it into Sibelius in “rubato” mode.  I’ve had some trouble with making that work so far – and winding up with a readable script.  From that performance, one can convert to audio in Sibelius, and them to an mp3 file for upload in iTunes. 

I keep getting pestered to update my Mac OS (probably to “Mountain Lion”, no Richard Parker at least) and Sibelius both.  I’ve heard anecdotally of problems in doing this, so I have to proceed carefully.  I don’t want my scripts to become unreadable (I do back them up).  Most of the expertise about this matter that I know seems to reside in New York City, and I need to find some expertise in northern Virginia. I probably won’t upgrade until finishing and recording a draft of my Finale (pun).   Apple needs to have a way to coordinate support among the major third party vendors who can be affected by operating system changes.   

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