Thursday, November 08, 2012

Musicorps offers music expression for wounded veterans

This evening, ABC World News covered a story about music therapy for disabled veterans.  One veteran with a prosthetic arm had learned to play piano, and another classically trained musician (Arthur Bloom), with severe wounds, helped found “Musicorps” to provide music opportunities to disabled veterans.   The MusicCorps website  shows the man playing piano with an artificial limb. 

When I was in Basic Training, I acquired mild hearing loss in the right ear from noise exposure on the rifle range.  “Coaching” caused much more noise exposure than shooting. This may sound trivial compared to what the veterans in the ABC report went through, but it still amounted to some sacrifice – for nothing.

ABC did not yet have a web link for the story, but it is on Slate in a story by Anne Applebaum, link here.

Perhaps "Street Pianos" could be brought into this effort. 

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