Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cirque du Soleil performs at HRC annual dinner in Washington DC

Cirque du Soleil performed a brief entr'acte at the Human Rights Campaign 2012 National Dinner (or annual dinner) at the Washington DC Convention Center.  The group had appeared earlier at National Harbor in 2008 (blog post Nov. 1, 2008).

This time the program consisted of building human skyscrapers (or human skyscraper construction cranes) to recorded music, with lots of tumbling in the air.  It tales unbelievable athletic skills for performers ("break dancers") to do this safely.  The only show that I have ever seen of about the same physical difficulty was "Atlantis" at the Luxor in Las Vegas in December 1997, in three acts, where performers went out on wires vertically above the audience. (Cost of that show then on a Sunday night was only $38.)

I'll pass along a 3-minute excerpt of Cique's act ("Mstere Theater Renovation Timelapse") at Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

The writeup of the rest of the HRC event will be posted Oct. 7 on the GLBT blog.

Also, Dustin Lance Black ("Milk"):

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