Monday, September 17, 2012

H Street Festival in DC Saturday offers multiple hip-hop stages

Saturday afternoon, I stumbled into the H Street Fetival in NE Washington DC, on the way to the close-out of DC Shorts at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.  I hadn't known about the festival until I arrived. 

I encountered a number of pavilions where music was being performed – specifically, hip-hop – I guess – not in my element.  The repetitiousness of it  (and lack of variety of development) kind of leaves me behind.  I didn’t even hear anything like the lilt of Lady Gaga.

Visually, the festival was a spectacle, much of it taking place along streetcar tracks intended for the “pink line”.  The X2 bus line, although slowed down by people getting on, is almost like a “light rail” line on its own. 

Wikipedia has some interesting characterizations of hip-hop, referring, for example, to its apathy toward "intellectualism", link here
 I've never heard of a "diaper bank" before. Perhaps some "collectivism" is inherent in some of the exhibits.

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