Sunday, August 19, 2012

Washington DC Church presents tapes of Jimmy Carter Sunday school lessons from 1977

In August, 2012 the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC has offered, in the Fellowship Hall before the 11 PM service, “The 2012 August Forum Presentation of the Carter Tapes”.  These are tapes of Sunday school lessons given at the Church by Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1979 when he sometimes attended (at 16th and O Sts NW) while he was presdent.

The excerpts this morning came from Romans 7 and 8.

I do remember attending one such lesson (on the chapter on divorce) in the balcony of the Sanctuary in the spring of 1977 (I had been living in NYC at the time).

The Church has the console of the new organ from the Czech Republic on display, and is starting construction work on installation. 

The sermon this morning was delivered by Dr. James Langley, who talked about the paradoxes necessary to have sustainable freedom, and who mentioned the horrific irony of the "Arbeit macht frei" inscription at \the gate to Auschwitz, ironically mentioned also in the opening of my novel manuscript. 

Last picture: Note the slide rule.  Remember "slide rule accuracy" on physics tests in the 1950s? 

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