Monday, August 27, 2012

A reprise visit to a Greenberg model railroad exhibit

I did visit to another “Greenberg’s Train and Toy Show” Sunday near Dulles Airport, in a Chantilly convention space off Route 28, more or less on the “Loudoun County Line”.

Most of the setups were not all that original, but two were really worthy of note. One was the “Washington, Maryland and Virginia Garden Layout”,  really large trainsets with the entire space filled in, rather than a central cavity for “railroad staff”.  And there was a lot of elevation change and a lot of topological complexity in the loops. 

The "National Capital Trackers" had a really long coal train (ironic, given what happened recently in Ellicott City, MD). 
That particular train had so many coal cars that it covered half the circular layout. 

There was also a “Z-Bend” layout, off to the side, with two side trunks, and then a separate “island” itself with a cross shape.  This is again more interesting than a circular ring around a control space.  Z is even smaller than “N”.  This layout had a “mountaintop removal” exhibit, and then an unspoiled plateau country at the other end.  Another branch led to “southwestern” scenery and featured a small drive-in cinema model showing a “Toy Story” movie.  The Z-Bend was the closest in concept to a model of a potential “real world”. 
This is some real country.  You can go hiking in it. 

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