Sunday, June 03, 2012

"Heart Throbs": Gay Mens Chorus of Washington DC introduces Pride Week

I made it, just barely, in time to see the Pride concert of The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC, called “Heart Throbs”, at Lisner Auditorium, Sunday afternoon June 3. The subtitle of the concert was “It’s a guy thing”.  Indeed it is.  The basic link is this

The two acts of the concert moved quickly, despite the multiplicity of numbers (pun).  Act One had a lot of material from the early 80s, as well as some boy band stuff (especially ‘Nsync), with echoes of a more youthful Justin Timberlake.

Act Two began with a retrospect (projected on a screen) of the James Bond 007 films. While the Chorus sings “Goldfinger”, we’re treated to a scene out of “From Russia with Love” where we really get to know Sean Connery’s hairy chest (as he was in 1962).  Then we see a parade of other actors who played James Bond, especially Roger Moore – and many of them were smooth, like today’s Daniel Craig.  Pierce Brosnan provided a welcome return to hypermasculinity.  Maybe somebody applied “NoNo” to the fictitious character.
I can remember a church sermon in Kansas around 1966 about how James Bond answered the question, “What does it mean to be a man?”   Over time, I have to add that Justin Timberlake’s physical appearance has been erratic, as he gets razed and tattooed (remember how he looked in “Southland Tales”?)

At the end of the concert, the Chorus gave us a reprise of the Village People, from the good old Jimmy Carter days of the late 1970s:  “YMCA”, “In the Navy” (with its obvious message, well before the subject of gays in the military would get politicized), and “Macho Man”, the last of which is rather explicit when performed fully – and painful sometimes for involuntary shamans to contemplate.

Here’s a Youtube of a rehearsal for the performance the GMCWDC’s rendition of “The Rocky Horror Show”, where the penalty is having to go into drag.

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