Tuesday, June 05, 2012

"Alexander's House", one-act musical by Shaieb from Washington DC Gay Men's Chorus

Sunday, I also picked up the CD of the one-act (53 min) musical “Alexander’s House”,  music and lyrics by Michael Shaieb, book by Shaieb and Brent Lord.

The work comprised part of the 2011 Pride concert by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC.  It relates the story of the son and partner of a gay man who passes away and leaves a beach house for the other two men to convert or sell.  After someone’s passing, it’s always a challenge to work back in time, into the person’s life, when he was vital and carrying out his own purpose.

The music, eleven songs, is rather lilting and centers around the tonality of G. The end of the last number is quiet.

The Washington Blade had a brief comment by Joey DiGiuglielmo June 9, here

Curiously, I could not find the CD on Amazon. 

The Metro Weekly had brief coverage here.

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Designer Daddy said...

Alexander's House is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.