Monday, May 07, 2012

A visit to Doug Aitken's "Song 1" reverse cyclorama around the Hirshhorn at the Smithsonian in Washington DC

Tonight I visited the 360-degree convex Cinerama (or cyclorama) film on the outer circumference of the Smithsonian Hirshhorn museum (running sunset-midnight through May 13), “Song 1”, by Doug Aitken.

The song is the 1934 popular “I only have eyes for you.”  It tended to get repetitious. My late parents would have considered it "tuneful". 

The pictures of singers tended to rotate counterclockwise, and were interspersed with pictures of old film reels moving and assembly lines, which appeared to be manufacturing modern computer parts.

Small crowds gathered on opposite corners of the building and across the jogging track on the Mall.

Arch Record has a detailed account from mid April here

Tilda Swinton (“Julia”, etc.) appears as a singer.

Nearby, on the walkway, toward the East, the Air and Space Museum has landscapes of Venus, Mars, and Io.  Venus is below:

Here's a brief video (camera didn't pick up faint images that well):

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