Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bike DC results in informal outdoor Sousa concert on Mother's Day

I stumbled on the “Washington and Arlington Community Bike Ride” (link for BikeDC)  while driving into church DC this morning, with the bikers gathered on a small park on E Street in Foggy Bottom.
This was an informal ride across the Potomac on the southbound side of I-66; it was not competitive. No concerns about wind resistance.

There was a band playing Sousa marches, providing an informal concert. 

I recall the 78-rpm (12-inch) RCA records of Sousa back around 1950, which then coast 79 cents per disc!  I recall “Stars and Stripes Forever”, “The Gladiator”, “Sempre Fidelis”, “El Capitan” (the shortest), and “Fairest of the Fair” (the longest).

Today, at the First Baptist Church of Washington DC, Dr. Jeffrey Hagray remembered his own mother with his Mother’s Day sermon, “An Instrument for Everyone”, which meant music lessons for everyone in the family, on instruments like trombone, saxophone, and clarinet as well as piano, with plenty of those red John Thompson’s books.

 Last night, there was a street player outside Landmark's E Street playing trumpet to Handel (recorded).  Yes, I provided a small tip. 

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