Sunday, December 25, 2011

LDS Washington Festival of Lights concert:: the crowd was huge Christmas night

On Christmas Day evening, I visited the (“free”) 34th Annual Festival of Lights on the Washington Temple Grounds at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just north of the Beltway in Kensington MD, website here
The forty minute evening concert (7 and 8 PM) was a Christmas carols recital by Todd Thatcher, with a Steinway piano, drums, guitar (or ukulele) and flute band. (Different artists perform every night.)

I had never been in the auditorium before, and it is impressive. 

The event started right at 7 PM with a two minute "Imax" short film on Christmas at LDS with the idea that "people are more important than things." 

The pianist seemed to be reading a “score” consisting of lyrics and chord instructions, but no staves.  I believe Apple Logic can print scores in this fashion. 

One of the carols was about Joseph, where he sings that he is not the father of his wife’s child, but the child will be his anyway.  This idea has always been controversial and stimulates many sermons.  I doubt the many kids in the audience could have grasped the psychological edge of the carol. But at one point Todd went over to the pianist and “corrected” him. I’ve never seen this happen in a public concert before, but I am used to the more formal behavior at classical concerts. 

The crowd was very large, and the Visitor’s Center scheduled another performance at 9 PM.  I was surprised that the crowd was so large Christmas night.

I also visited an international exhibit of Nativity art, and the line was long. 

There was one Christmas tree decorated with small paintings by a 19th Century Czech artist Mikolas Alem.  I wonder if there any possible relation to my father's family, which finally came over to the US in the 1880s as Baptist. 

The art work at the Visitor's Center will normally inspire a visit. There is one mural that seems to suggest extrasolar planets. 

Finally, I've always loved Facebook-blue Christmas lights (I have normal color vision).

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