Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Music lessons with Apple Loops

Well, here I go, giving myself “piano lessons” – not exactly. I’ve starting to go through the Logic Express booklet on the Mac before deciding what score-management system (Sibelius or Finale) to get to carry on with my own music.

Yup, you can have fun with Apple Loops, -- that is, “Apple loops audio files” and “software instrument Apple Loops files” and combine these with original material in almost any fashion. 

My main interest is in recording and more professionally producing my piano works, and at least two orchestral scores. I hardly think pre-mixed clips will fit into my own plans. 

I suppose that when one buys Logic, one buys the right (from copyright perspective) to use these pre-mixed effects and thematic elements – but it’s “amateur mixing” of music that has become controversial in the fight over piracy, even though it’s probably fair use in many cases where a derivative work is created that is very transformative relative to the original (like a variations and fugue on someone else’s theme in classical music).
Here’s (first picture) what the first effort looks like. I can hardly protect it.  

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