Sunday, September 25, 2011

More British music at Arlington VA church accompanies biting "political" sermon today scolding partisan Congress

Today, I wrote a posting on the issues blog about the substance of a sermon by Dr. James Atwood at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington. The music today was also interesting.

The organ postlude, played by Carol Feather Martin, was an adaptation – Variations and Fugue on the Welsh folksong “Llanglofan” by Aaron David Miller.  The sound was a little reminiscent of the organ lessons that emulate Bach – pieces actually by Krebs – here baroque, with a taste of polytonality and pastoralism, yet countrapuntal.

The anthem, from the youth choir, was a gentler fare than the choice on 9/11: here, it was “May the Mind of Christ” – music by Cyril Barham-Gould (1925, England), text by Kate Wilkinson (link) , adaptation by David Giardiniere. There is a performance online [website url] here).

Is there a hidden message -- we need "parliamentary" government?

This somewhat popular British piece could have wound up in the Royal Wedding – or was it there and did we overlook it?   Look in your hymnal, at all the references to Sir Hubert Parry (“I Was Glad”; “Oh Jerusalem”). 

Here's an odd story: Pastor Tim Lucas at the Liquid Church in New Jersey reversed the collection, handing out money to churchgoers, hoping they will practice personal charity with it (rather than depend on others or "the church").  

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