Saturday, April 23, 2011

Andrew Lunsford: "The Accidental Tenor"

Saturday afternoon, CNN’s Ali Velshi (on CNN Money) aired the story of Andrew Lunsford, who at 30 won a voice competition (in the National Association of Teachers Singing Competition in 2009) and also the Denver Lyric Opera Guild Competition and now attends the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University (link).

He has his own account of this here.

Here is CNN’s account of “The Accidental Tenor”.   This is a "second career", as the story indicates; he moved his family from Colorado to Bloomington, IN.  

Second picture: I found a roll of my late Mother's film, and this seems to be from a trip to Madrid 10 years ago. I'll try to use the ones I can salvage!

Indiana University is also where composer Tudor Dominik Maican attends college, but as a biochemistry major, as I recall, from what he told me in 2009. 

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