Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Han Zimmer's "Inception" Suite (rather a Passacaglia) makes concert music in its own right

The BluRay DVD package for the WB film “Inception” supplement includes a 38-minute orchestral suite by Hans Zimmer, which would make an interesting concert item in its own right.

The suite has ten sections with various titles, such as “We Built our own World”, “Dream Is Collapsing”, “One Simple Idea”, “Dream Within a Dream”, “Paradox”, and “Time”.

The entire suite, as well as all of the music in the film, is based on a four note (and four chord) motto, or ground bass, making the piece a bit like a passacaglia, though in quadruple time.  Sometimes the motto is expanded to 6/4 time with one chord played four times on beats 1, 2, 4, and 5, giving a menacing effect.  In “Mombasa” the music has a disco-like effect. In a few places, it resembles John Barry’s music in “Body Heat”, and a few others, Anton Bruckner (the Ninth Symphony).

The film is reviewed on the movies blog July 16, 2010. 

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