Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Christmas at Concordia: Journey to Bethlehem"

Some PBS stations (MPT in Maryland and of course TPT in Minneapolis) have aired a one hour version of “Christmas at Concordia: Journey to Bethlemen”, performed the first weekend of December.

Concordia College is in Moorhead, MN, across from Fargo, ND (of Coen Brothers fame). I visited Moorhead State on a weekend in November 2000 to discuss my book. I even remember a bar called the I-Beam there and missed a huge blizzard.

I had the college mixed up with Carleton, which is in Northfield, south of Minneapolis, a town that houses St. Olaf’s, which has an even larger Christmas concert, which I attended in 1999 (see Dec. 2, 2007 on this blog).

The concert was conducted by Rene Clausen, and much of the music consisted of his arrangements and transcriptions of major carols for large chorus. There was a South African carol, and an “Alleluia” with a cello solo.

The PBS link for the concert is here, and Concordia’s is here.

The Piedmont Singers in Leesburg VA perform Clausen’s “All That Have Life and Breadth”

Wikipedia attribution link for Morehead State picture, where I spoke.

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